Corporate and Technical

If you are interested in the TecEco Gaia Engineering technologies or TecEco as a company please contact John Harrison.

John Harrison
TecEco Pty Ltd.,
497 Main Road,
Tasmania, 7010

Phone: 61 3 62497868
Mobile: 61 413993911
Fax: 61 3 62730010
Skype: TecEco

Hobart Australia

USA - Eastern Standard Time

New York USA


Abu Dhabi UAE

London UK

Please phone during reasonable hours!

Email Addresses

In between the dozens of emails John Harrison gets every day enquiring about TecEco technologies he used to get an annoying 150+ spams suggesting he needs something in his approaching old age to help with his sex life.

As a consequence his email address is only given as a hopefully non machine readable graphic that will not copy and paste as text. Sorry!!

John Harrison's new email address is:

Note that the above email address is an image to try and prevent collection by trolling software. It will therefore not copy and paste into your email!

It is appropriate to state who you are and what you do if you are expecting John to allocate valuable time to respond.

Contact information such as a full signature giving your name and contact details would be best. Most email programs have this capability. We do not usually respond to people who cannot tell us who they are.

Please do not add our email address to any spam list and do not quote it electronically except in the above form on your web site.



Opportunities for capital investment in TecEco exist for appropriately qualified, high net worth and sophisticated investors. Go to our Investment page


TecEco are developing networks for the research, development and deployment of its N-Mg Process Tec, Eco and Enviro cements and Tec-Kiln technologies, variously described as a “benchmark”, "sound science", "important" and as showing "much promise" by leading scientists.

Academics, magnesia producers[1] and cement companies around the world interested in the technology can apply for various licence/research options.


The applications of TecEco Gaia Engineering technology are very broad. Companies or governments interested in sequestration, producers of magnesia, cements or coal combustion by products, owners of pre cast yards, mining companies with wastes, manufacturers of concrete bricks, blocks, pavers, renders, coatings, mortar mixes, patch cements etc. etc. are all invited to apply for licenses and treat with us for the future.


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