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Below are articles, posters, fliers, brochures etc. by named authors that you can download and freely publish under the condition that you acknowledge the source. There are also many articles within TecEco newsletter back issues.

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12 The Role of Materials in Sustainable Construction John Harrison Materials are described as the key to sustainability, everything between the take and waste with a future role of sequestration and waste utilisation 2 Nov 05 163 Kb No
11 New Markets for Magnesia John Harrison A short article describing how TecEco innovations will create new markets for magnesia. 14 Mar 05 4.3 Mb No
10 Global Warming can be Solved Using TecEco Technology John Harrison A short article explaining why Australia in particular should join Kyoto and how TecEco could solve the problem of global warming. 02 Mar 05 2.3 Mb No
9 Making Money by Changing the Technology Paradigm John Harrison A short three page article about making money by changing the technology paradigm. 12 Sep 04 43 Kb No
8 The Importance of Materials in Construction John Harrison A short three page article about the importance of materials in construction. 09 Sep 04 16 Kb No
7 The Cement and Concrete Industry - Future Developments John Harrison Discussion about the need for technical evolution to solve global warming problems. 08 Jun 04 140 Kb No
6 The Cement Industry and Innovation - A New Approach Robert Cameron and John Harrison An article about how formula based standards reduce innovation in the industry. 20 May 04 125 Kb No
5 The Natural Solution to Global Warming John Harrison A history of the development of the earth's atmosphere. 21 Apr 02 479 Kb No
4 Global Warming, Learned Helplessness, Entrepreneurs and the Me Society John Harrison Some of John's ideas as to why it is so hard to make changes. 02 Mar 02 1.16 Mb No
3 Meeting the Materials Challenge of the Future John Harrison A short article outlining why materials are so important for sustainability. 13 Mar 04 43 Kb No
2 TecEco Cements - A Way Forward for the Kyoto Process John Harrison A paper about the importance of the technology to the Kyoto process. 12 Aug 03 120 Kb No
1 The Cement Industry and Innovation - A New Way for a New World Robert Cameron and John Harrison A paper about innovation, the technical paradigm and need for change. 18 May 04 203 Kb No

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