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We are constantly updating web pages, writing papers and preparing presentations as there is so much to communicate and so much misinformation to correct. We take responsibility in relation to some of this misinformation as we were wrong in the early stages about strength and the carbonates that form for example. Please be cautioned that we have since made many corrections. Our web pages have usually the most up to date and certainly much more authoritative about our cements than other sources. Also be cautioned that original papers and presentations have not be altered however there are most likely later versions on the same or a similar subject with more correct information. Please refer to and quote only more recent papers!

Powerpoint Presentations

The following are Powerpoint presentations and you may need to download a program to decompress the file. We suggest using WinRar or Winzip 8.0. You may also need a Powerpoint viewer.

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1 Gaia Engineering John Harrison .The latest presentation Details of all the processes that make up Gaia Engineering 17 Mar 12 145 Kb No

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